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10 to Watch in 2010


These 10 people — selected from nominations by Eagle staffers and the community — are among the many who could help determine what kind of year 2010 becomes in Wichita.



Lynda Tyler can organize a beauty pageant, a protest rally or a balance sheet.

She paid for college with scholarships won from the Miss America organization.

She’s a licensed financial adviser, branch manager for LPL Financial in Wichita and president of the Arkansas Valley Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors.

She heads her own business, Impressions Inc., teaching poise and grace to young pageant contestants. At 45, she competes and often wins pageants in the Mrs. divisions.

And she’s considering running for Wichita City Council.

Active in Republican politics for years — she’s been an officer in two GOP Pachyderm clubs —Tyler recently emerged as a driving force in the “tea party” movement.

Inspired by the first tea party on tax day, April 15, Tyler formed Kansans for Liberty to keep momentum going. Her group has organized two major rallies since. She recently announced that Wichita’s first indoor tea party will be Feb. 20 at Century II.

She said she’s excited to see thousands of people take an active interest in government after years of apathy or feeling powerless, or both.

“We’ve been letting some people make the decisions on our behalf who may not have had our best interests at heart,” Tyler said.

The rallies she has organized have provided a nexus for opposition to taxes, national health care, business regulations and environmental rules.

“Lynda has taken these issues out to where folks can participate in a way where they feel like they’re starting to have a say in things,” said John Stevens, Wichita Pachyderm president.

— Dion Lefler