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Deep in thought; contemplative.


1. Contemplation; meditation.

2. A product of contemplation; a thought. "an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections"(James Atlas).




Eagle Story...

A few years ago I was alone walking our black lab "Marci" on a perfect summer morning.  I was feeling quite low because it seemed like everyone was out to get me in one way or another.  As Marci and I were going down this particular street I saw a crow flying with one of the small birds chasing at its tail feathers.  As you know small birds will defend their nests against crows that way. 


As I watched something was different, the larger bird seemed to ignore the little bird completely and continued on its way in a perfectly straight path.  It was flying from the south and we were headed west and I knew our paths would soon cross.  As we came to our crossroads I realized that what looked like a crow in the distance was actually a majestic Bald Eagle and the "little bird" - was the black crow!  He was only 40 feet off the ground and as we crossed his head turned to look and our eyes actually met. 


The thought that came into my mind at that moment was as if the Eagle had spoken to me.  He said "There will always be black crows picking at your tail feathers but if you ignore them and stay on your own path, they will eventually give up and disappear."


So as long as you don't let the crows in your life deter you from your destination and success, you will continue to soar with the Eagles.



Pageants and Politics  An Editorial By Lynda Tyler - February 2011


Ever wonder why Sarah Palin was able to handle running for office as gracefully as she did?  I would give credit to the Miss America Pageant system.  Sarah Palin was Miss Wasilla in 1984 and went on to become the first runner-up in the Miss Alaska Pageant.  Sarah also won Miss Congeniality that year but the skills learned in pageants are very useful in Politics.


Now I am running for Wichita City Council in the 5th District and am very thankful for the skills I learned competing in pageants over the years.  You see running for public office and competing in a pageant are very similar.  The biggest difference is when running for public office you generally don’t need to wear a swimsuit and 5 inch heels.


Both require an application with your vital statistics and a bio telling about your education, hobbies, community service and views on current events.


Both require the “contestant” to be interviewed by strangers who can ask all sorts of relevant and irrelevant questions.  The main difference is when you are being interviewed by a panel for a pageant it only lasts 5 or 10 minutes while in politics they set aside an hour or more for the interview.


Both require preparation and a good knowledge of current events.  You must have an opinion on virtually everything.  If you don’t know, you have to be able to handle that too.  In both cases you are judged on your ability to answer the question intelligently.  Only in Pageants they are not supposed to down grade you for your political opinions.


Both judge you on how you look, how you walk, confidence, stage presence and how you speak before an audience.


In both cases they are looking for someone to represent the community who is honest, successful, talented, intelligent, community minded, polished, well spoken, will show up and do their best after winning. 


Finally after all is said and done, you are ultimately judged winner or loser by people who really don’t know that much about you.  In politics and pageants, sometimes the one who wins does not do the best job.  If that happens in a pageant it is only the director who suffers through the year, but if we elect the wrong person to political office it can cost us millions of dollars of tax money and four years of embarrassment.  You are the judge…choose wisely with your vote.


Lynda Tyler

Candidate for Wichita City Council





Standards start with you.


Standards, those morals, ethics, habits, etc., established by authority, custom, or an individual as acceptable: He tried to live up to his father's standards.


There once was a time where anything American was considered to be the best in the World.  Some refer to it as “American Exceptionalism”.  We made the best stuff, had the best schools and had the highest standard of living in the world.  That meant that our level of “acceptable” was higher than anyone else's.


What happened?  We have lost our personal standards and personal responsibility.  Some say we have gotten lazy.  In many ways we have, we have allowed someone else to define what our standard will be and they have set the bar on the floor and called it politically correct. 


Austin young person looks at a great athlete and says “I want to be the best in the world”.  Say it is in basketball.  Mom and dad smile and put them in a little league only to discover that nobody keeps score and nobody is praised to be better than anyone else.  “We wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.”  Austin is undaunted and practices every day.  Mom and dad send him to HoopsMountain and basketball camp to learn techniques.  Austin goes back to little league the next year and does really well.  You know what Austin is told, “We realize you are better than all the others but you need to share the ball more and let (those who don’t practice or work hard) have a chance to play.


So instead of being encouraged to be the best and help his team, he is told that he is being rude and a ball hog and that he should share with those who don’t have any standards for themselves.  Austin gets frustrated.  He realizes that it does not pay to do extra work and be better than others.  Austin also has the same problem in school.  He gets made fun of for knowing the answers in class and getting good grades.


Austin’s attitude changes from one of wanting to excel to one of “what’s the point in working hard?”  To suppress his inner desire to excel, he turns to marijuana.  Marijuana makes it feel okay to do nothing.  He hangs around similar frustrated kids, grades suffer, he gets in trouble with the law, now the Army may not take him.  But he doesn’t care; he thinks mom, dad or the government will provide for him.  And some wonder where the “Occupy Wall Street” mentality comes from?


This story is not fiction.  Austin is only one of many children I have watched go from wanting to be the best to just wanting to conform to the standards of society and do what is easy.


So what is YOUR standard?  Do you even try to do things in an excellent way or do you just do enough?  Do you try to learn how to cook better meals, take better care of your home, and be an excellent employee, business owner, mother or father?  Do you appreciate what you have?  Do you take care of it or do you say “That’s good enough”? 


OR are you the one who criticizes those who work, achieve and have high standards?


I have heard people say “That’s good enough for government work.”  Well when you allow your government to dictate your personal standards, we all go down hill.


American Exceptionalism starts with the individual.  It starts with each one of us setting our own standards higher today than we had yesterday then finding the knowledge and doing the work to achieve that standard.  Like Michael Jackson said “If you want to change the world, start with the man in the mirror.”  You are never too old to increase your standards and your expectations of others.


  Lynda Tyler